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Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC is a Professional Wildlife Control Firm Specializing in Poison Free Services. We Service 14 Counties Around South East, MI, Central Michigan, and The Greater Lansing Area. We are Exclusion and Damage Control Specialists. Meaning we don't just get rid of your nuisance wildlife we prevent the problem from happening again and clean-up what the wildlife left behind. Free Attic Inspection
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Raccoon Removal Southfield, MI

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Raccoon's in the Attic

Raccoon removal this time of a year is one of our biggest services. Female raccoons are looking for den sites to have their young. They usually like to choose your attic or fireplace. This Southfield, MI homeowner experienced some serious raccoon damage to their home.

We find raccoons usually enter your home through gable vents, roof vents, soffit vents, or soft spots in the roof. It's clear the raccoons found a way into the attic through this louvered gable vent. Once the raccoons invade your attic the destruction begins. They use your insulation for bedding material and a toilet. They will defecate and urinate all over your insulation. Most of the time when raccoons invade your attic you need to have your attic restored.

Method's For Raccoon Removal

We usually remove raccoons by installing live traps outside the entry point. This time of year we find a female adult raccoon and babies. It's important once the female mother is removed to look for babies. This particular home had a large pregnant female raccoon. No babies present yet.

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