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Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC is a Professional Wildlife Control Firm Specializing in Poison Free Services. We Service 14 Counties Around South East, MI, Central Michigan, and The Greater Lansing Area. We are Exclusion and Damage Control Specialists. Meaning we don't just get rid of your nuisance wildlife we prevent the problem from happening again and clean-up what the wildlife left behind. Free Attic Inspection
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Skunk Removal Lake Orion

Skunk Trap

Skunk Trapping Lake Orion, MI

Today we received a call with skunks living under a deck. Homeowner reported a foul odor coming from around the house. Skunk trapping this time of year has been in full tilt. All of the skunks are coming out of hibernation looking for places to eat. With ground warming up the bug larva from last year is coming to the service. Skunks eat grubs, garbage, and scavenge for other foods. The best method for removal is removing it and relocating it. Learn more about our skunk removal.

skunk in a trap

Got him! Or her, we're not getting too close to look. This is a time for skunk babies so it is possible this could have been a pregnant mother. This skunk will be relocated to a better home in the wild.

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