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Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC is a Professional Wildlife Control Firm Specializing in Poison Free Services. We Service 14 Counties Around South East, MI, Central Michigan, and The Greater Lansing Area. We are Exclusion and Damage Control Specialists. Meaning we don't just get rid of your nuisance wildlife we prevent the problem from happening again and clean-up what the wildlife left behind. Free Attic Inspection
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Squirrel Removal Job West Bloomfield, MI

Squirrel in trap

The Red Devil Squirrel

Red squirrels also know as the red devil, were giving this customer some serious problems. We have been to this home a few times and the squirrels keep chewing new holes. This time we got down to business and set up some traps in the attic and on the roof. We also installed this multi catch trap over the entry point. Squirrels are notorious for trying to reenter their nesting sites. It's important all squirrels be trapped, evicted or excluded from the home. Our squirrel control program consist of trapping and prevention methods. We finally caught the last squirrel here and look forward to putting this one in the books.

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